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Nikki's Rabbit Hole Co

Recycling found objects 
Into wicked cool art
Saving the earth,
One art project at a time.



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    What Is a Quarter Auction and How Does It Work? A quarter auction is part auction, part raffle and, part bingo! You will have the chance to bid on fabulous products starting at 25 cents!! The maximum bid for these products is $1.25! You can win one of these fabulous products for .25-$1.25 max!!

Meet the Team

Who We Are


Nicole Bourgeois Williams

Nicole Bourgeois Williams is an Assemblage Artist located in Worcester County.
After selling antiques for over 14 years she fell head over heals for vintage... 
It's all about style, color, and whimsy! 
Always thinking outside the box Nikki started putting vintage and found objects together, hence...
Nikki's Rabbit Hole Co was born.
Nikki always enjoys listening to people explain their own memories of the pieces that she incorporates into her art.
People say "Hey my grandmother had that!", "That was in my mom's kitchen!", "Oh I remember that tool!", "Hey is that a carburetor?"
It's art that makes you think and smile!


Shop manager, helps keep the artist on task, also great foot warmer! A little over protective of his Momma so if you are picking up at the studio please contact Nikki prior to coming.


Studio for pick up only upon request

28 Davis Street
Baldwinville MA 01436



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