It's happenin'... Nikki's Rabbit Hole Co has a new on-line store!

Check out my new online store. I've been talking about doing this for quite some time and you all have been asking for is a lot of work so I ask that you be patient with me. This week has been a challenging one, I did go live with this new site, I have only entered a few items, more are coming. I've dusted off my Canon so better pictures shall follow. I also did add local pick up at my home studio to help save you guys on shipping, please keep in mind that if you are planning on picking up that you need to make arrangements with me before hand, the studio is not an open store, it's just where the magic happens!

Also for all you locals, I do have some pieces in Bates Crafters Gallery, New Athol Road, Orange MA. Which I must say is moving to it's new fabulous home and will reopen for the New Year in mid January. Come check it out!!

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