Boston Nuts

Boston Nuts

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Boston nuts is a nut cracker carrying a little tube guy with a Boston map as his outfit. These two are just a couple of nuts that love Boston! If you love Boston as much as they do or have a Southie accent you will surely love them. Little Boston, who is inside the Nutcracker base, head is made from a vintage tube which is chipping ever so slightly, so you may see some black flakes inside the nutcracker, did I say he is quite old. His counter part The Nutcracker is a 1970's Gemco, nothing new here! She is topped off with some miscellaneous lamp and clock peices. Would be great in any retro, steampunk home. I'm sure that you or someone you love has used one of these nutcrackers before, I still use mine! 

2.5"L x 5" x 10.5"H    


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