Lucky Buckingham

Lucky Buckingham

SKU: 550

Hey, my name is Lucky. I am made of a Half and Half 1930's Vertical Telescoping Upright Flat Pocket Tin man. My tin was Produced by The American Tobacco Company Factory No. 1, District of Virginia, USA. My eyes are made from watch gears and spare parts, my shoulderes do open to reviel my empty tin but please be careful as you can see my head is a bit oversized and I do not wish to become headless! My legs were borrowed from a marble run and my stand is a hand colored page staight out of Brigg's and Strations parts manual mounted on wood. Did I mention that I'm still wearing my original tobacco stamp? Well I am, what's left of it. Remember if you take me home, I'm not a toy, my parts are very old and I'ld like to be around for many years to come. 


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